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BarOn EQ-i

Based on over 20 years of research by Dr. Reuven Bar-On and tested on over 85,000 individuals worldwide, the BarOn EQ-i Emotional Quotient Inventory measures emotionally and socially intelligent behavior as reported by respondents. A growing body of research suggests that emotional intelligence is a key determinant of success in life (refer to the MHS Website for more information).

The BarOn EQ-i consists of 133 items and includes four validity indices and a sophisticated correction factor rendering scores for the following components:


Intrapersonal (Self-Regard, Emotional Self-Awareness, Assertiveness, Independence, and Self-Actualization)
bullet Interpersonal (Empathy, Social Responsibility, and Interpersonal Relationship)
bullet Stress Management (Stress Tolerance and Impulse Control)
bullet Adaptability (Reality Testing, Flexibility, and Problem Solving)
bullet General Mood Scale (Optimism and Happiness)

BarOn EQ-i can be used in a range of applications including educational, corporate, human resources, and research settings. Results can point to areas needing further exploration and development in association with career coaching and/or general development coaching.

If you are interested in utilizing the BarOn EQ-i or understanding how CMS applies the BarOn EQ-i in its Executive Development and Career Strategy programmes, complete our information request or call us.

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