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Birkman Method

As Learning Partners with Birkman International Inc., we offer certification training in the use of The Birkman Method; to learn more about our training programmes, go to registration and training schedules. We also offer advanced feedback on the Birkman.

Since 1951, The Birkman Method has helped more than 2 million individuals in over 5,000 organisations reach greater performance levels. Designed to accurately measure and understand individual performance potential, this proven methodology has effectively clarified strengths and effective behaviours, interests and goals, management styles, thinking styles, underlying needs, and stress behaviours of individuals across a range of industries.

By integrating both behavioural and motivational aspects, the management information captured opens the door to greater personal, team and organizational productivity. Since inception, research has been an integral part of developing the Birkman. Today, more than five decades of research and development allows the Birkman to continually develop what we know about people.

The Birkman focuses on five major perspectives:

Usual Behavior - an individual's effective behavioral style of dealing with relationships and tasks.
Underlying Needs - an individual's expectations of how relationships and social situations should be governed in context of the relationship or situation.
Stress Behaviors - an individual's reactive style for dealing with stressful relationships or tasks; behavior observed when underlying needs are not met.
Interests - an individual's expressed preference for job titles based on the assumption of equal economic rewards.
Organizational Focus - the perspective in which an individual views problems and solutions relating to organizational goals.

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