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Certification Renewal

Professional Development
The Birkman Method is a comprehensive, in-depth motivational indicator that can be used in any business application involving human interaction. Professional Development courses build upon the fundamentals learned within the Level I Certification course, letting the consultant uncover the full power of The Birkman Method. Consultants can expand and refine their Birkman skill sets with various learning options and stay in touch with the latest developments from Birkman International, Inc.

Attendance of Birkman Professional Development courses qualifies for continuing education units necessary to maintain active status as a Certified Birkman Consultant.

Accreditation Renewal
If you wish to maintain your certification status, you are required to renew by the end of your three-year term. At that time, you will be required to fill out the renewal form and submit it to the Birkman Training Department for review. Birkman International, Inc. will send a reminder notice for all renewals. A total of 20 hours of continuing education are required for certification renewal.

Existing Birkman Certified Consultants will receive a renewal form at the end of their current active status period. You will have a grace period of two months from the ending month of your three-year term to complete the paperwork and turn it in. Failure to respond within that time period may result in your certification status being revoked.

The review process may take up to four weeks and notification will be sent via e-mail. Certified Consultants found to be in good standing and to have met the renewal requirements will have their certification extended for another three years.

Birkman Application Workshops
Workshops targeted to consultants who prefer face-to-face interaction with other participants and an instructor. Topic areas are focused around various applications with opportunity to analyze case studies and participate in experiential learning. Instructors are experts within the applications they are leading, all having numerous years of experience utilizing the Birkman. CMS will be offering Application Workshops in Australia in the future as an alternative to assist Certified Consultants gaining the necessary 20 hours education to qualify for future  Certification Renewal.

Other options include USA and European based Application Workshops, Round Tables and Webinars. Details of these are provided on the Birkman Website under Professional Development .

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