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Executive Development

Top performers in virtually every profession know that without coaching  - without the right coach - they will not perform at their peak! Over the last decade, executives and managers have started to recognize the value of, and even the need for an experienced coach to serve as a sounding board, a reality check, a fresh outside viewpoint, an advisor - someone to facilitate:


Identification of their strengths and weaknesses within the leadership context of their organization
bullet Development of plans to improve effectiveness and satisfaction at work, or outside work
bullet Development of a career strategy and career changes that make sense
bullet Development of a life strategy that aligns with needs

More and more companies are realizing the importance of business coaching and are impressed with its results.  Typically, individual and team performance is significantly improved, increasing the odds that senior level leaders will succeed.

A starting point for the CMS executive coaching process is ensuring that the objectives and coverage of the sessions that the executive has with the coach firmly targets business drivers, performance expectations and the unique needs of the executive.

Whatever the structure that is chosen for the coaching programme, the following core components would be included

bullet Definition of needs
bullet Agreement of coaching plan and process
bullet Coaching sessions
bullet Performance measurement and follow up

If you would like to find out more about our coaching approach, or training in the use of The Birkman Method in coaching, complete our information request or call us.

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